In Need of a Chicago Dog

Finally made it back out to Chicago again after a long hiatus, caused by either weather or happenstance. It was a lovely day with very little clouds and a cool enough breeze for some people to wear jackets. I walked my usual route from the Ogilvie station straight to the lake and then around the back of the museums. My whole purpose was to photograph dogs, mostly for self therapeutic reasons due to a rough week. Sadly, I saw only about three dogs this whole time.

After that I backtracked to Navy Pier to have lunch, hoping I’d see more dogs. There may have been one more. I almost decided to give up and just had back home. Instead, I decided to take a right and head north of Navy Pier. Finding a large area, I started seeing more dogs as I walked around it. When I circled around the huge area, just before getting back to the exit, to my surprise, there was a large group of dogs just running around playing.

This was the content I needed. There were a few skittish, but overall they were so friendly and fun to watch. Not far away, a photographer was having a model shoot and the dogs would occasionally run over and interrupt them. But who doesn’t love dogs interrupting them?

I did do a little street photography, but I just wasn’t feeling it much at the time. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

(apologies, as my memory sucks and I cannot remember any of the dogs’ names…)

If you’ve managed to make it all the way through this amount of cuteness, I have a few….outtake photos. Some I wish had made it in, but were just out of focus, others…well, you’ll see.

First we have this adorable little guy that has that “Imma monsta!” look on his face. It’s just too adorable, but sadly out of focus…


Next, this lovely dog loved having her photo taken so much, that at one point she got jealous while I was photographing another dog. She snuck up behind me and came through my legs. Sadly, another out of focus situation.


These last two didn’t make the cut because, well…let’s just say sometimes continuous snapping of photos can sometimes result in not so photogenic shots…

But I love them all the same!