Another Attempt at Manual Focusing

I admit, I'm terrible at manual focusing. I'd love to be good at it, but my eyesight is just not that good at being able to tell if something is in focus. I've played around with the thought of lasik surgery, but I'm worried about some of the side effects, even though they are either minimal or rare. After all, my eyes are my hobby. 

I went out to Chicago to try out a Nikon 50mm 1:1.8 series E lens that I acquired about a year ago. I find the lens intriguing and would love to get better with it. But I'm not sure if it's something I feel I could do for the quickness of type of street photography I like to take. Sure, I could probably do it for when I'm not trying to quickly catch a moment that happens and is suddenly gone, as the photos that did turn out show. Though I am curious to try it on a little project I'd like to do. 

Not often do I go out without coming back with quite a few photos I like, some coming back from the walk with only a handful was a bit rough on me. I know some photographers will only go out and snap one photo in the span of several hours. And some will take hundreds of photos only to have a single one come out the way they like. I'm sure had I pull my other lens out then I would have a few more photos, but that would have defeated the purpose of my trip that day. 

Hope you enjoy.