Self-forced Chicago Outing

Well, it was over a month since I'd been out with my camera. I really wanted to do more street photography, but leaving my old job and getting a new one (and rain) kept me from getting a chance to go out. Then I just kind of didn't feel like going out. But I finally forced myself into it one day. 

The day started off with the train being delayed getting to the station. It was a very hot and humid day. But quite sunny with a lot of people around. Then around 5pm it started raining off and on. Then on the way home the train had to stop due to water on the tracks. It was definitely a day. But I managed to get at least a few photos out of it! 

A week later now, I had to take my sister to an appointment and got to walk around my favorite town. I also got to eat at such a great pie place! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it again! Got a few good photos out of that trip as well!

I'm going to try and start going out more starting next month hopefully.