Oh deer! A skeleton in the field. (Graphic)

It's been a while, but decided to rush out after work with the camera yesterday. It was the first truly nice day in weeks. Though I knew it'd be muddy because of all the rain lately.

70f and sunny at 2:30pm when I clocked out. I had to rush home, change, get my gear together, and decide where to go. I decided on my favorite recent place of Penny Road. A very big area to walk with a lot of woods and big fields. Having previously seen coyotes, hawks, owls, and quite a number of other animals in the area; I thought it would be a good trip for a few quick shots.

Having walked around only half (maybe less?) of the area around there, I'd seen a few bones scattered around. Knowing there were coyotes in the area, I wasn't surprised. But I was always looking for at least a skull. As I'd only previously seen tibiae, fibulae, and scapulae.

Yesterday I completely lucked out. Walking through the large field I saw a bird feeding on something. It was far away and I couldn't quite tell, but every instinct was telling me it was something big. As I could just see a small line above the grass and knowing about the size of a raven, I was in high spirits and couldn't wait to get closer!

Sadly, the bird was very flighty, and I couldn't get any closer than that photo without it flying away. But there was still the remains on the ground. As a lover of science and particularly nature, I was in high spirits to see that the remains were of an almost fully intact deer skeleton! This was my first time seeing more than just a single bone or two in the wild. 

The only thing that would have made it better would have been seeing it at an earlier stage being fed on by the coyotes or other animals. But, alas, beggars can't be picky...