You Can Read This Because SCIENCE!

April 22, 2017. Earth Day. Organized marches around the world for science. It's a cause near and dear to me, and it should be something everyone cares about. It is everywhere, literally.

For almost four decades now, I've watched as science has constantly changed the world around me. These are drastically different from when I grew up. And I know it's quite different for the generations that came before me that are still alive to witness it. In the 80's home computers were just barely starting to take off. The only phones in the house were corded. Video games were just large blocks on a screen. And if you wanted a friend across the world then you had to become a penpal.

I started loving science around 3rd or 4th grade. Though I was never good at school (a problem that followed me to my only year of college). It's the reason I'm not a scientist. But I still love science and I like to think that my hobby shows just how much. A hobby that would not exist without science.

I marched because I grew up understanding that science was in every aspect of our lives. I've watched it better our lives and I hope to see that betterment continue.