Felt Neglected

A few of the abandoned places I've been to have started to be taken down. Seeing this has left me missing them. I've gotten attached to certain ones of the years, as I would go back to them a few times, some more than others. And it is getting harder and harder to find new ones to visit. Today I finally decided to pick my camera back up after a couple of months and visit a place I've been driving by a lot on my new job. 

I noticed the closing of a bowling alley some time ago. I can't remember how long, a year, two years? It's been long enough. Sadly, when they closed it they stripped everything out. And the doors are locked tight. But there is this little mini-golf place with a batting cage in the same parking lot that was neglected before the bowling alley shut down. I've been wanting to go take pictures of it for a while, but was always just a bit too tired after work and such. Today I finally made myself get up early on my day off and go. And I really want to go back when there is snow. 

Came out with, what I think are, a few good photos. Even though I felt rusty. And most of them are manual focus as well. So that happened again too! Hope you enjoy!